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Fishing Spots In Louisiana

Louisiana fishing is a recreation that many might not think about when they think of this region. However, for the residents who have long lived in this city and its suburbs, many have discovered the pleasures of fishing in the numerous water bodies in this state. After all, most of the lands here were formed by sediments deposited by the Mississippi River. As a result, swamps, coastal marshlands, and delta regions form most of the natural geography of the place. Given such a waterscape to live in, not only have the different Native American communities thrived on fishing here, both as food as well as a livelihood but it also forms a favorite recreational activity for many.

Fishing Spots In Louisiana

Louisiana fishing can take on many forms and you could simply plunk yourself down by the grassy banks of any lake or river to indulge in fishing. Here are some suggestions offered on popular fishing destinations in the state.



Southern Louisiana

Here there are several places where you could try catching freshwater fishes by the shore. For instance, Bayou Black which is located near Houma off the Highway has marshy lakes that are perfect for catching bass.

You could come to Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, which is located on the northern edge of the city. Here the body of water is large and wild. Even if the waters get wild as the wind conditions are rough here, you will find amazing catches here such as trout, drums, and reds.

You can also try Tangipahoa River by Ponchatoula. This river runs by southeast Louisiana and empties into Lake Pontchartrain. Come to this river body to be able to grab several fishes from the shores.

Bogue Chitto state park is another area near Franklinton. Based in the North Shore area, this spot is ideal for fishing from the sandy beaches created by the Bogue Chitto River. There are about eleven lakes here that can give a variety of catches like catfish, bream, perch, and bass.

  •         Northern Louisiana

When it comes to freshwater fishing locations from the shore in Northern Louisiana, you could try Cross Lake in Shreveport. Here the waters are green and calm which offer you hundreds of acres of water that are perfect for catching the black bass of the largemouth variety.

Caddo Lake is located in the northwest corner, close to Mooringsport. The waters here are great for bass fishing many have caught fish of trophy sizes here. March is a great time to fish here.

The Grand Isle State Park offers a saltwater location. It is a state-owned beach area located on the Gulf coast of the state. It is said that the waters of Grand Isle have about 280 different fish species to explore.  You can get yourself to a fishing pier here, which is a favorite spot for day and night time anglers.

The above spots are some popular places to explore if you are looking to indulge in fishing recreation in this state.