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LaFayette Street Culinary Offerings

If you are a foodie who has been to Louisiana, you will know that the Southern cuisine is a specialty in this state. Given that, different towns and cities here have unique menus for people to sample as well as favorites that are local to such areas. That makes a cuisine trail across the state varied and interesting as well.

This city has been in the news for a few years as serving the best food in town; in fact across Louisiana as per the awards they received in 2014. Among the several eateries that are popular here, the street food joints or food trucks and their fares is a must try. For instance, Freetown Fries is a well-known food truck that has its menu dedicated to French fries. The fries are home style and fried in peanut oil. They come topped with varieties of sauces, dips and other items. You can even find their everyday menu on their Facebook page.

Continuing in the street you will find Viva la Waffle which is a food truck that has a specialty in waffles and sandwiches. These come with fresh ingredients that make them delectable. Special items on their menu include pizza, waffles or waffle dogs.

Another food truck called LA Street offers gourmet food with a street food flavor. The truck itself is large, nice and has a mounted TV on board as well. My friend Chris from carpet cleaning Airdrie and I watched a Red Sox game here while eating their Spaghetti Bolognese. It was a great night.

Mobile restaurants and food trucks are everywhere here and you are sure to love the snacks you get on the go.