Louisiana Food Trails To Follow

If you are a foodie you will surely not want to miss out the wonderful culinary delights that await you in different parts of Louisiana. There is the famous trail of Creole Crescent that has some delectable items on offer in different eateries here. You will surely love to discover them in and around Louisiana.

Louisiana FoodWhen you are on a road trip in Louisiana there are several delectable treats that await travelers in this region. All food that you find here centers around the fresh and seasonal produce as well as the abundance of seafood that Louisiana is known for. While you will get a similar fare in New Orleans as well, there several cultural influences that become evident in the food you get in different places. A culinary trail across Louisiana will reveal places of southern cooking delight as well as a blend of Creole and Cajun. You could start your day with grits and shrimps for breakfast or enjoy the southern style fried chicken that is popular in many places. A soul branch could comprise of such treats or you could take up cracklins and boudin as snacks that come by in different roadside joints.

Drago’s is one of the steps you must make if you wish to try charbroiled oyster. People come here and line up for such delicacies. All that is done to the Louisiana oysters is that they are dabbed with a sauce made from garlic, herbs, and butter and offered with a blend of cheese. That is enough to make a delectable dish that people cannot get more of.

MoPho is another eatery in mid city that offers a specialty item called duck sausage. This eatery is influenced by Vietnamese cuisine and this specialty item on their menu is a must try.

Bacchanal in Bywater, New Orleans offers a glimpse of what you might live if you were living in the French Quarters. From live jazz music to wine of the old worlds, the gourmet food that is served here, even on paper plates, is amazing for those who come here.

Creole Crescent is a starter, which is a turtle soup that is as popular here as in New Orleans. Turtle meat along with boiled eggs and spices, all in a tomato based gravy is what makes this starter the best in town.

Seafood sensation is an appetizer that you will find in places like Luna Bar and Grill or Lake Charles. The fresh crab meat au gratin that is served with a warm dip and homemade tortillas make it the best appetizer you could have ever tasted.

Prairie home cooking might be an elaborate term, but it is nothing but the bread that is crisp on the outside with a cheesy inside that is packed with crawfish meat. You will find it a popular dish in pan aroma. Other dishes include Bayou Bounty which is an entrée that is made from catfish which is pan fried and made with Creole Meuniere. Shrimp Remoulade is a cold mayonnaise based sauce that comes with boiled shrimps served on a lettuce bed.

With desserts no food trail is complete. No matter which part of Louisiana you are, try the Hummingbird cake that is a popular southern dessert item in many eateries across the state. You must also try the Red River Riches which is a popular choice of pies topped with whipped cream.

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