Cruising In Northern Louisiana

If you are on the lookout for an outdoor recreation in the water lands of Louisiana, Northern part of the state would be a good destination to start with. For instance, the Lake Pontchartrain has several recreational boaters. You will find mid-sized boats, yachts and sailboats here that frequent the shores as well as travel to the eastern part of the Gulf. There are man-powered canoes as well as kayaks that are popular for traveling along this vast shoreline. With a kayak, you can paddle right up to the shores where you will find different kinds of wildlife as well as be able to participate in fishing expeditions or boat races.

Cruising In Northern Louisiana

Cane Bayou is a launch point for several locals here. One can sit by the north shore of the lake near the Causeway Bridge. You will find the bayou to meander from the highway point to the lake which takes you past alligator holes and osprey nests. It is an ideal spot where you can launch your sailing vessel and head out for spending a day by the waters. There is the Fontainebleau state park that is close by. Here you can canoe or try kayaking and take a course to the sea or to the lake, whichever may be the case.

When you take a trip from here to the lake you see trees that rise above a land of low bushes. The picturesque scenery along with cypress trees that have their roots visible above the water forms the unique flora of this area. The shoreline scene is amazing and creates the perfect place for taking some great pictures.

There is plenty of wildlife to see here. One can hear and see alligators as well as swallows and a species called the cat bird that is known for its high pitched call. There are turtles as well as Gulf sturgeon that make up the varied list of wildlife you can find here. Native Americans are known to find mussels and eat them fresh by the lakeside. If you decide to sail or kayak in these waters you need to know the wind and water conditions. If the conditions become rough you will want to abstain from sailing in the waters. If you are new to the region, it would be best to get a local to guide you around. There are several local yachting and boating charters that make it easy for travelers to indulge in such a recreation.

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