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Louisiana being a southern state in the United States is as rich in its natural landscapes as it is in its culture and heritage. It is the 25th most populated states in the country. The largest city New Orleans is often mistaken to be the capital, but Baton Rouge is the official capital city of the state. The subdivisions of the state are known as parishes and among the prominent geographical landmarks, the Mississippi which cuts through the state and the Gulf of Mexico, where it ends, define much of the state’s natural landscape and weather.

The marshlands by the river, delta areas, and coastal swamps make the state a tropical and warm region on the whole. The landscapes are rich with several unique species of birds and animals as well as fishes that make fishing a widely popular recreation across the state. Fire is a common phenomenon in the marshy forests here where pine forests, as well as wet savannas, thrive in abundance.

The people in the state comprise of several Native American tribes. The urban climate in most cities comprises of mixed cultural communities such as the French, Native American, African, Asian, Spanish and others.

If you are visiting the state, here are some glimpses of what you can expect in terms of recreational activities or culinary treats along the way. The blogs here reflect certain unique information that you can take along with you when you plan a visit to this Southern state where the sun, waters and great food await.